Concerning any debate on Corporal Punishment

This contains some material from an earlier post, but a. I thought it might be clearer here given the context, and b. given the sudden rise of this ridiculous issue, I thought it important to restate... 1.   This is a moral argument, and they can be slippery. The slipperiness of moral arguments is what makes the… Continue reading Concerning any debate on Corporal Punishment


Concerning debates (especially on Edutwitter): Brute facts and ideology

1. To begin with, I would like to start with what might seem like a rather odd, but I would argue useful, definition of certainty. This will provide us with something of a foundation on which to build. I will define certainty as inconceivability of the opposite, as incredulity. Imagine that someone told you that… Continue reading Concerning debates (especially on Edutwitter): Brute facts and ideology

A nomological conception of knowledge

It could be unsettling for a teacher to be unsure of the nature of knowledge, yet questions relating to the concept appear frequently on Twitter. Here, using David Didau’s proposition: ‘Knowledge is what we think with and about’ as my starting point, I hope to provide some clarity on the issues and put forward a conception… Continue reading A nomological conception of knowledge

Some remarks on measurements and judgements in schools

The following are just notes... There are various purposes of measuring things in schools, but often, it comes down to holding people accountable- the teachers, the students. Another way of looking at it is to try to get people to be better, to improve, this presupposes that one knows what ‘improvement’ looks like. If we… Continue reading Some remarks on measurements and judgements in schools

Plaça de l’Arquebisbe

Plaça de l’Arquebisbe, containing nothing of particular historical note, is a quiet little square except for the odd handful of lost tourists. The Archbishop’s grand mansion standing at the southern end governs the movement of the shadows, reminding the well-to-do apartments that form the east and west sides of their place, and intimidating the grand… Continue reading Plaça de l’Arquebisbe

ResearchED Rugby 2017: Value, Character, and Virtue in Education

In this post, I briefly discuss what we mean when we are talking about values, and virtues. I then suggest an alternative conception. During her keynote speech at ResearchED Rugby, Nicky Morgan argued for what she perceived to be the importance of ‘character education’, the teaching of values, or character to the students. My first… Continue reading ResearchED Rugby 2017: Value, Character, and Virtue in Education